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The love of books

“The culture of mankind does not possess anything more venerable than the book, nothing more marvellous and nothing, which would be more important“ voiced Gerhart Hauptmann. All enterprises in the Beltz group see their responsibility in retaining and developing this cultural property thus, in order to allow them to meet customer requirements and offer a wide selection of solutions.

On May 1st 2008, the Beltz Rübelmann holding took over the Sigloch Edition Bookbindery s.r.o in the Czech Republic, Horšovský Týn. This has clearly extended the spectrum of printing and book binding possibilities. Our speciality lies with the specialised fabrication of oversized books, special single volumes, materials such as leather, and materials and special features such as gold and silver embossing. Special fabrications of all types, inserts and pockets. The craft of book binding is still as important today as it has ever been. Our employees with their “know-how” can be described as real “bookmakers”.

Present your product in a unique fashion – there are almost no boundaries as to what can be achieved in presenting something that is outstanding and unique. Pictures say more than a thousand words. With one click dive into the fascinating world of book creation and be inspired!

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